Whole wheat banana pancakes egg less

Hi Guys its Tuesday again, I din’t even notice that till this morning and I was like Wow a week is already gone? and where? Actually I din’t do much this week. The whole week I have been thinking of baking cookies for my son, I haven’t done much about it except for keeping the butter out of the fridge to get it at room temperature. Anyways I m sure I will bake them soon and hopefully they will turn out nice. If they do I will post the recipe, as I try and do healthier version cookies for him obviously.

Whole wheat banana pancakes

Talking about healthy food for kids I have these healthy Whole wheat Banana pancakes  that I often made for breakfast or in fact anytime when he is hungry and I don’t have anything ready. I started these when my son started solids and  used to do these a lot until few months back, when we used to go out in the morning, as I prefer to carry home cooked food for him. In fact Its been quite some time since I made them, may be tonight.

This such an easy recipe and you can play around too, try adding some cinnamon to it, or some peanut butter if you please. I normally use a well ripe banana and try to omit the sugar if the batter tastes sweet enough, you may obviously adjust the sugar after tasting the batter (its no fun to taste raw batter , I admit ). I serve it  with some cream cheese, syrup, maple syrup and even some chocolate sauce at times.

One really important thing is to cook it on low flame and let it take its time to cook, you will only be able to flip it well, if it has cooked well on one side.  So lets get going guys to this quick one.

Whole wheat banana pancakes with cream cheese topping

Recipe for Whole wheat Banana pancakes egg less


Whole wheat flour: 1/2 cup

Banana nicely ripe:1

Sugar :1 Tbsp (optional)

Vanilla essence: 1/2 tsp

Milk: 1/4 to 1/2 cup

Oil: to grease the pan


1) Put banana, flour, vanilla ,sugar and 1/4 cup milk in a blender. and mix it all together.

2) The batter should be thin  pouring consistency, such that you should be able to move it in the pan without a spatula. Add more milk if needed.

3) Let the whole batter churn for 30 sec more in the blender to incorporate air to fluff up the pancakes.

4) Grease a nonstick pan and when its medium hot pour the batter as per the desired size of pancake.

5) Let is cook on simmer for at least  2-3 minutes on one side and check if its cook it will show those brown dots (as in the image) and it will be easy to turn.

6) Flip it and cook for a while here to keeping the pan medium hot.

7) That’s it  your whole wheat banana pancake is ready.


Its important to cook it on low flame and let it take its time to cook.

It may seem sticky from within when it hot that’s because of the banana.

Using a non stick pan will make this much easier for you.


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