5 Easy and yummy weekend Brunch recipes

Weekend brings a breeze of fresh breath to the fast paced weekdays. Some time to sit back and relax , spend time with family. Pardon me for being too real, but that’s not all weekends also mean lots of pending chores, grocery shopping, some meetups and preps for the upcoming week.  So no matter how much we want to cook and eat with our family we are running short of time , trying to catch up with our morning sleep and a nice healthy breakfast with family.

5 Brunch Ideas to make your weekends Special

The idea of a brunch is really a life saver, it brings kind of the best of both worlds together. Thus I thought of bringing together my top 5 weekend brunch recipes for you in no particular order. To me  weekend brunch should definitely be tasty and healthy. However as its weekend special I don’t mind some extra calories here and there. 

These  brunch recipes are my  favorite weekend brunch recipes not only because  they are healthy and filling, but are fairly easy to make and don’t need many fancy or tough ingredients, so not a lot of planning needed. So let’s check them out.

Yummy, Cheesy , Nutritious, easy and quick What else does one need from a recipe?

Bean and Vegetable Quesadillas: This Mexican inspired brunch recipe has veggies, beans and cheese stuffed in tortillas. Super easy and healthy. Don’t have ready made tortillas handy consider using mixed flour(atta, besan, etc.) chapatis.



Easy Recipe for Mumbai style Pav BHaji

Pav Bhaji: Pav Bhaji is loaded with veggies so very healthy and the fact that you need to boil and mash the veggies, frees you from the hassle of chopping nicely and hides all the healthy veggies from the eyes of our picky eaters. Use Whole wheat Pav / Buns and  try my  kasuri methi tip for pan roasting the Pav for a nice twist. For added flavor add an extra dollop of butter to your hot bhaji bowl 😉 .



This khasta (crispy) naan is a sure shot hit.. must try for Sunday brunches

Stuffed Chur Chur Naan:  Now this one is special for many reasons, Chur chur Naan is one of the first recipes that I wrote when I started this blog.  Also the recipe for this crispy and soft  stuffed  bread takes me back to one nice holiday in Jammu India. Again not a lot of hassle for this recipe, just make sure you give a little resting time to the dough for chur chur naan, you may make the stuffing mean while. Serve hot  with your favorite raita or chutney and have a fun n filling weekend brunch.



Spicy tangy, crisoy yet soft what else could you want from a snack...try this awesome pyaz kachori

Rajasthani Pyaz Kachori: OK this one is deep fried and takes a little time, but common its weekend and you must treat your taste buds. I promise you won’t regret it. The lovely mixture  of spicy potatoes and crunchy onions makes a perfect filling for these super crisp and yummy kachoris. If you really want to avoid those calories make them smaller and eat less if you can :D.



Mixed Vegetable Paratha

Mixed Vegetable Paratha: This nutritious version of the classic paratha is made  with mix of veggies, kneaded in flour mix of normal atta   (whole wheat flour) and Makki ka atta (corn flour) which makes it extra crunchy and super yummy. Top with lots of butter and enjoy with your favorite achar, raita, or just on its own. Personally i don’t need anything more to it then the butter.






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