Veg / Vegetable Manchurian with gravy

Veg Manchurian is one of my favorite indo Chinese dish, though I didn’t consider cooking it at home many times. But last week my view about this recipe being too tedious to do in kitchen changed. Actually my husband was returning home after a 3 days conference which meant 3 days of outside food, which means salads sandwiches and pizzas for him (we being vegetarian don’t have much food choices here, and believe me you can eat only so much pizza happily). I wanted to make something tasty and spicy for him. Thanks to my new chopper I could dare to make Veg Manchurian. 

No one can eat just one, these Crispy vegetable manchurians dipped in in hot and tangy sauce are sure to make you love them

No one can eat just one, these Crispy vegetable manchurians dipped in in hot and tangy sauce are sure to make you love them

To me the toughest part of making the Veg Manchurian is chopping or grating so many vegetables. But a chopper could do that and if that’s the case for you too, then my dear making Veg Manchurian is much easier then you thought. This recipe will make very nice crispy restaurant style Veg Manchurians for you. 

There are a few steps to this recipe so basically it is a bit more time consuming than my regular quick recipes, but making Veg Manchurian is definitely not complicated. Also don’t get worried by the list of the ingredients, most of them would be vegetables. The ingredients for the sauce / gravy are normally available at home in case you don’t have them consider buying them as most of the gravies for Indo Chinese dishes use these sauces. Now the recipe here is for the Veg Manchurian with Gravy but you could make them dry too, i.e. with little amount of sauce and thicker. 

Enjoy these deep fried vegetable dumplings in a hot and tangy sauce with rice or bread.

Enjoy these deep fried vegetable dumplings in a hot and tangy sauce with rice or bread.

Coming to the taste and texture of this recipe, its a crispy fried vegetables dumplings dipped in a hot and tangy sauce. The sauce has chunks and minced veggies which add a nice texture to it too. 

Before we proceed to the recipes few basics about any indo chinese style recipes. These recipes are normally made at high flame, so make sure you have all your ingredients handy before starting. For Veg Manchurian make sure you chop the veggies to a right consistency we don’t wan’t to make a paste neither do we want them chunky. Specially when using chopper try to process small amount at a time so that its evenly processes normally a pulse or two should be enough to get the right consistency. So enough of Gyan now let’s make Veg Manchurian that you are sure to love.

Veg Manchurian / Vegetable Manchurian with Gravy
Serves 4
Crispy fried vegetable dumplings dipped in a hot and tangy sauce
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  1. Cabbage: 1 cup
  2. French beans: 15-20
  3. Carrots: 4-5
  4. Onion: 1
  5. Green bell Pepper: 1 Large
  6. Garlic :10-14 cloves
  7. Ginger: 2 Inch Piece
  8. Green Chili: 4-5
  9. Green Onions:1 cup
  10. Corn flour:8-10 tbsp
  11. Soy Sauce:4-Tbsp
  12. Red Chili Sauce: 2 Tbsp
  13. Tomato Ketchup:3-4 tbsp
  14. Vinegar:3-4 Tbsp
  15. Salt: To taste
  16. Water:1-1.5 Cups
  17. Oil: for deep frying and 3 Tbsp
For Veg Manchurian
  1. Chop carrot cabbage and beans and put together in a mixing bowl. Mix and keep 4 Tbsp chopped vegetables aside.
  2. Add 1/2 finally chopped green pepper, 4 finally chopped cloves of garlic
  3. Add 1/2 tsp Black pepper, 1/2 tsp salt and 4 tbsp cornflour ad ix well
  4. The vegetable will loose some moisture which should be enough to make this mixture in to balls
  5. If needed add some more corn flour and shape them in to balls
  6. Deep fry these balls on medium flame, so that they are coked thouroughly
  7. For the Sauce
  8. In a bowl mix all the sauces and add 2-3 spoons of water
  9. Mince garlic and ginger and thickly cut onion and bell pepper
  10. Heat 4 Tbsp Oil in a pan and add minced ginger garlic and green chilies, in 30 sec add onion and
  11. bell pepper and the left over chopped vegetables.
  12. After 30 seconds add the sauce mix wait for a minute and then add 1.5 cups of water.
  13. Mix 2.5 Tbsp of cornflour in 1/4 cup of water and once that water in pan starts to boil add this cornflour mix and bring it to boil. You might want to add more diluted cornflour to adjust the thickness of gravy
  14. Taste and adjust salt accordingly, add vinegar to hot boiling gravy.
  15. Top with green onions keeping some aside for garnish.
  16. Add the Manchurian to gravy just before serving and enjoy you veg / vegetable Manchurian with gravy along with rice or chapati.
  1. All the sauces added in this gravy have some amount of salt, please make sure you taste the gravy before adding salt.

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