Til and dry fruit chikki

Hi everyone, hows everyone doing? Hope you all had a good Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Or Pongal the first festival(s) of the new year.  Did you make the Til ke Laddoo? In our home, we make til and gur / jaggery ke laddoo, murmure and gur ke ladoo for Sankranti along with urad dal ki khichari. I am not a khichari fan but once a year this simple khichari with desi ghee ka tadka feels like welcome change for the taste buds.

Til and Dry fruit chikki

This year on Sankranti I didn’t make the til gur ke laddoo but tried something different, Til and dry fruit chikki. It was a fairly simple recipe and didn’t call for making laddoos while the mixture is still slightly hot, it seemed like a hassle-free recipe so I gave it a go and I am so glad I did the Til and dry fruit chikki turned out amazing. 

I have at least 4 reasons for you  to try this Til and dry fruit chikki:

  1. It’s very tasty and Khasta / crispy
  2. Til and dry fruit chikki is made up of til, flax seeds, almonds cashews etc. so it’s healthier
  3. It’s very easy to make and sets as soon as it cools.
  4. It’s winters and your body gets this extra warmth with till and dry fruits.

Til and dry fruit chikki 2

Now that you know how good and easy to make a recipe it is, I need to mention the following important but easy points that you must be careful of while making this chikki.

  1. Dry roast til only till it slightly changes the color, and puffs up a bit, don’t wait till it turns brown or you will end up with bitter tasting til.
  2. Dry roast all the other dry fruits and seeds one at a time don’t try to mix and roast
  3. Keep stirring the sugar continuously while melting it and switch off the gas just when the sugar is completely melted, else the sugar might burn and taste bitter.
  4. Work really fast once your sugar is melted, because it sets when it starts to cool, so do all the prep work beforehand.

That’s all you need to be careful about while trying this recipe, so let’s check it out:

Til and Dry Fruits Chikki
Serves 6
Very quick and healthy Til/Sesame seeds and dry fruits Chikki /Brittle
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. White til/ sesame seeds: 1/2 cup
  2. Flax seeds: 1/3 cup
  3. Roasted Almonds: 1/2 cup
  4. Roasted Cashews:1/2 cup
  5. Green Cardamom: 5-8
  6. Powdered Sugar:1.5 cups
  7. Ghee:2 tsp
  1. Dry roast the til in a warm pan till they slightly change color and puff up.
  2. Dry roast the flax seeds till they start to splutter.
  3. Roughly chop the dry fruits and peel the cardamom.
  4. Grease the board on which you will roll the chikki and also the rolling pin/belan
  5. In a pan add ghee and sugar and on medium flame keep stirring til the sugar melts completely, this may take 5-10 minutes depending on which sugar you are using, but make sure you keep stirring.
  6. Once the sugar melts completely turn off the gas and add all the seeds and nuts and cardamom and mix well.
  7. Transfer to the greased board and roll to a thin layer.
  8. Cut it into squares or desired shaped and let it cool before you separate the pieces.
  9. Once cooled the pieces for this crispy, Til and Dry Fruit chikki will come off easily.
  10. Store in an air tight container and these stay fine for months, enjoy .
  1. This recipe is just mildly sweet, feel free to add more sugar if you please.
  2. You may want to add other seeds or nuts like , sunflower or pumpkin seeds or pistachios
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