Super hit tomato and lentil soup.

Yes I know I am late by one whole day, but trust me guys I have a lot going on these days. The news is,  today was my sons first day in his play school, which is an awesome yet  hard to explain feeling. I was very emotional, excited, worried and what not, anyways this was a trial day and went well next week on wards I will leave him away from me for a whole 3 hours every day :(. Anyways I will really try to keep posting every week, kindly bare for a while Thanks.

Superhit tomato and lentil soup

Am I going filmy with this title ? May be  but when I say its super hit tomato and lentil soup I mean it. Its Super hit tomato and lentil soup because its easy to make, it has got goodness of fresh tomatoes, carrots and lentils and on top of that my son likes it making it a super hit.

Superhit tomato and lentil soup-2

Normally I don’t make soups but sometimes in cold evenings or times when we have cold or flu its really comforting to have warm soup. And this one has a high dose of citric acid which is said to be good for soar throat. This such quick recipe you don’t need to any extra starch and the texture is still perfect because of the lentils

So lets quickly get going with the recipes people, we need very few ingredients and there are just a few steps.

Recipe for Superhit Tomato and lentil Soup:


Tomato chopped -2 Large

Carrots chopped-1 medium

Any cooked dal-4-5 Tbsp

Bay leaf -1

Ginger  grated -1/2 inch

Butter – 1 Tsp

Garlic-2 cloves

Water – 3-4 cups

salt-to taste

pepper- To Taste

1) Heat butter in a pan and add bay leaf , ginger, garlic and cook till they  start to get  brown.

2) Now put tomatoes,carrots and salt in the pan and let it cook for a minute.

3) Now add cooked dal and water (any dal in your fridge can be used) and let it boil covered for 4-6 minutes or till carrots are soft.\\

4) Blend the soup together once its cooled a bit. (you may take out the bay leaf if you are not plannig to strain the soup)

5) For a super creamy texture strain the soup and serve (I personally skip this step as its anyways creamy enough)

6) Add pepper you may tp it with some creme and enjoy your tomato and lentil soup.



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    Super quick n yummmmm !

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