Stuffed Cabbage paratha / How to make cabbage paratha

This one is very interesting, I have been thinking of making stuffed cabbage paratha for a long time, but the problem was my husband is not a cabbage fan, whenever I thought of trying these & asked my husband what does he think about the idea, he won’t be enthusiastic at all. I generally make stuffed paratha for weekend breakfast, because a paratha is best enjoyed hot, right in your plate from the pan (at least I like them really hot and crisp) with a dollop of butter or ghee on top. Looking at his not so happy face I just thought of sticking to the cauliflower paratha, radish/ mooli paratha and stuffed aloo naans on weekends. Talking about naans do check my recipe for chur chur naan. Also check out this very interesting kids favorite Broccoli and cheese stuffed paratha.

Stuffed cabbage paratha recipe

Coming back to my stuffed cabbage paratha, this day I went to my friends place and her mum was making some stuffed paratha, I love the “mum made paratha” (I just think you need to be as old as your mum to make such delicious versions :( ) and that’s when she discussed the stuffed cabbage paratha recipe with me. I was always pretty convinced about how these cabbage paratha will taste it was just my darling’s face that wasn’t letting me do it. But then I thought let’s just go for it, I thought if he really doesn’t like them I will keep a backup plan ready (I don’t want to spoil his weekend breakfast either).  So this Saturday morning I made the masala or stuffing for cabbage paratha and cauliflower paratha as my backup plan. 

I made a well stuffed nice and spicy cabbage partha gave him one (without telling him 😉 ) and he said the paratha is really tasty, and then gave him another one after which I asked do you like them? He said these are very tasty (he he), I told him these are cabbage paratha with a witty smile on my face. I could carry on like see I was telling you we should try them an so on… but I saved it for some other time. So the point here is not to cheat the hubby… it is  just try the recipe when you like it 😀 .

recipe for cabbage paratha

So coming to the recipe of these stuffed cabbage paratha or cabbage paratha. If you are not a stuffed paratha fan (somehow I don’t understand, how can someone not like a stuffed paratha) you may just knead the dough with the stuffing masala and have your regular paratha.

For the stuffed version of this Indian bread, we need to finally chop cabbage, this can be done either using a grater or a chopping option of your food processor. If using food processor just make sure you add a little batch of cabbage at a time, otherwise we might end up with too minced and watery cabbage. My friends mum suggested adding some capsicum to the filling I tried that and it tastes nice. However I haven’t added any capsicum in the recipe below. In case you are willing to try this version just chop some capsicum and add in the stuffing.

filling a cabbage paratha

If you are new to stuffed paratha here are some basic things. The dough you make for the paratha is looser/ softer than the regular roti dough (think it needs to be easy to roll, without letting the filling sneak out). Another important thing is to make sure the stuffing is not watery, so make sure you squeeze well every time before filling a paratha. Lets check out the complete recipe now.


Stuffed cabbage paratha/ cabbage paratha
Serves 2
A simple meal option with cabbage, good way to feed veggies to the kids
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  1. Finally chopped cabbage (not minced): (1 cup) *
  2. Green chilies:3-4 (optional)
  3. Carom seeds/ ajwain: 1/2 tsp
  4. coriander: handful
  5. Salt- To taste
  6. Oil : 8-10 tbsp
  7. Whole wheat flour: 2 cups
  8. Water: To knead the dough
  1. Knead a soft dough with flour and water and leave it to rest for a while.**
  2. Finally chop green chilies and coriander leaves.
  3. Mix cabbage, green chilies, coriander, carom seeds, and salt to taste
  4. As you add salt the mixture will turn watery.
  5. Squeeze water out of the mixture.
  6. Now take a lemon size dough, you should be able to make 6-10 parathas with the kneaded dough depending on the size.
  7. Roll it in to a small roti squeeze again and put the filling in.
  8. Seal the roti from all sides and roll gently to desired size.
  9. On a medium hot pan let the cabbage paratha cook till it has brown spots on it.
  10. Turn side and add 1 tbsp oil and spread it.
  11. Turn again and spread oil on the other side.
  12. Press well with a spatula to get a nice reddish crusty paratha.
  13. Serve hot with butter and curd.
  1. * Make sure you don't over mince the cabbage else you will miss the crunch in the paratha, read the suggestions in the post about chopping cabbage.
  2. **You might want to add some salt to the dough while kneading, adjust the salt in the filling accordingly.


Make sure to try these spicy crispy and healthy stuffed cabbage paratha this weekend.


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