Spinach and Corn Sandwich (no white sauce recipe)

It’s cheesy, healthy, super soft, flavorful and it’s different. You have to try this Spinach and corn sandwich recipe to see what I am talking about. I love the onions that add a mild crunch and sweetness to the recipe along with the corn.

Spinach and corn sandwich

I made these cheesy yummy sandwiches last week for one of my friends and she loved them, I had a good amount of the sandwich filling made so I ate them for almost 3 days in a row and I still love them. Whether you like grilled sandwich or just cold sandwich this recipe will work for you.

The classic spinach and cheese duo just gets a lot better with addition of these lovely creamy corns. But there are a ton of recipes for these sandwiches on the web already, how’s this recipe different ?My recipe for the Spinach and corn Sandwiches has no white sauce in it, neither it uses maida / all purpose flour, as I feel it tastes much better and flavorful without it. Not to mention its easier.

It is a simple one pot filling which you can make and store for a while. You may also want to try some open sandwiches with this filling. Just toast the bread spread the spinach, corn and cheese filling generously(top some shredded cheese if you like) and bake for another minute and that’s your spinach and corn open sandwich.

Spinach and corn Sandwich

Now I like my sandwiches nice and mild as less spices brings up the creamy flavors of the ingredients. But if you like you may add Italian seasoning and chili flakes to the filling. Also I have used Mozzarella cheese slices here, but you may use any soft cheese and add as much as you like 😉 .

 Let’s checkout this very simple recipe for a lovely breakfast or a perfect evening snack.

Spinach and corn sandwich
Serves 4
Creamy cheesy sandwiches made with healthy spinach and corn. Guess what you don't need and all purpose floor for this.
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. Brown Bread slices: 8
  2. Spinach chopped:1.5 cups
  3. Onion: 1 medium
  4. Corn kernels: 1 cup
  5. Mozzarella Cheese: 6-7 slices
  6. Salt : To taste
  7. Pepper: To taste
  8. Oil -2 tbsp
  9. Butter: for grilling
  1. Chop onions finely and microwave the corns kernels for 2 minutes.
  2. Heat oil in a pan and add onions cook till they sweat now add spinach and corn.
  3. Cook till the spinach is done and water is evaporated this should take approx 2 minutes, s/w off the heat.
  4. Tear the cheese slices and add 5 of them to the mixture and mix well till the cheese melts.
  5. Now taste and season with salt and pepper. Add more cheese as per your liking let it cool this mixture will settle once cool.*
  6. Now heat a grill spread butter on one side of bread and generously spread the filling on the other side. Cover with another bread slice butter the top and grill till nice grill marks appear serve hot.
  1. *Don't worry if at all there is some liquid oozing out from the filling, it will settle once its cold and you can always take away the liquid from the pan.
  2. Feel free to season the filling with chili flakes and Italian seasoning, however I recommend trying the simple version as well to enjoy simple and mild flavors.
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2 Responses

  1. shilpa says:

    what can i use to replace cheese ? i am a vegan

  2. aparnadubey says:

    Hey Shilpa, I suggest try making white sauce with any vegan milk (almond or soy milk) and it should be good to replace creamy cheese.

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