Raw mango and onion curry /Aam aur pyaz ki sabzi

I am so happy to post this lovely super simple recipe today. Its tasty and very quick and made of Mangoes. I am sue that’s interesting enough to look forward to this recipe for Raw mango and Onion curry.

Super simple and awesomely flavorful raw mango and onion curry

In India it’s normal to make many dishes out of mangoes raw or ripe while its the mango season. Ranging from pickles to curries to chutneys and so on. No wonder Mango is one of the most celebrated fruits in India.

Yet I had not heard of this Raw Mango and Onion Curry until my mum in law made it for us. To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to the output, as to me it was a never heard of sabzi / curry and it didn’t sound too appealing either. However to my surprise this was a very interesting nicely tangy (not too tangy) and mildly sweet (not like the sweet mango pickle) spicy curry, which tasted just right. 

Last week when I visited Indian grocery store, I found some raw mangoes bought them thinking about some chutney. Later I found that they are not as raw, rather some were little ripe,  thus thought of making this Aam aur pyaz ki sabzi/ Raw mango and Onion curry. I was so happy I did my hubby loves such stuff and me too.  

Try this rightly tangy mildly sweet and spicy curry to realize the power of traditional simple dishes

Some traditional dishes are so amazingly simple and there beauty lies in just that. Like this simple Aam aur Pyaaz ki sabzi, all you need is some raw – par ripe mangoes lots of onion, salt, some spices and green chilies and you are sorted. It takes 8-10 minutes of cooking only.

Using par ripe lightly yellowish mangoes gives this recipe its mild sweetness and its recommended you don’t use any added sugar etc. to it. I bet the natural way is the best here, so if you have all raw mangoes keep a few out at room temperature for a day or two, so that they turn a little yellow and are good to use.

 I have used in the recipe Panch phoran (5 spices for tempering). Normally we use this panchphoran or the mixed spice in Bihar for tempering most of the curries. I have a jar handy and use it in many veggies though not all. Panchphoran is a mix of cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, fennel seeds along with some carom seeds. Ideally its supposed to be 5 spices, I just gave you the ingredients in my jar and that’s 6 ingredients ;). Don’t worry if you don’t have this Panchphoran just use whatever you have from the list, it won’t impact the taste drastically but yes a little. 

This recipe is mildly tangy, if you like real tangy food you may add 1-2 more raw mangoes for desired results. So let’s checkout the quick and simple recipe for the raw mango and onion curry.

Aam Pyaz ki sabzi/ Raw Mango and Onion curry
Serves 4
A delightfully simple and interesting curry made with Raw mangoes and onion.
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  1. Raw-semi ripe Mangoes: 4 medium
  2. Onions: 3 Large /6 Medium
  3. Panchphoran*: 1 tbsp
  4. Salt : to taste
  5. Turmeric:1/2 Tbsp
  6. Green chilies: 4-5 / to taste
  7. Oil:4 tbsp
  8. Water:1/2-3/4 cup
  1. Wash peel and cut the mangoes.
  2. Chop the onions and chilies
  3. Heat oil in a pan and add the panchphoran mix. Once it crackles add onion and green chilies.
  4. Let the onion cook for 30 seconds add turmeric and salt mix and add mangoes.
  5. Add water cover and cook for 3-5 minutes , remove the lid and let it cook till it's almost dry and the mangoes are well cooked. Serve with parantha / roti and enjoy.
  1. *Panchphoran: Mix Carom seeds, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and onion seeds in equal quantities and store in a Jar. Use as needed for tempering.
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