Peanut, flaxseeds and garlic dry chutney

This peanut  dry chutney is super hot stuff…but insanely tasty. I bet you would feel the heat but won’t stop eating it. Its addictive. You can obviously adjust the heat, but I suggest try this version if you are in for a thrill.

I like dry chutneys, most of them have this nutty flavor, and are good to go with every meal. In fact it would be more appropriate to say, such chutneys are good to spice up any meal. I like it with dal Rice, with paranthas and sabzi or even with plane Parantha or plain rice. Just add some ghee to it and enjoy a nice and different meal.

Its super hot, but you still can't resist

Its super hot, but you still can’t resist

This one particularly comes from the southern part of India Maharashtra, I like to call it the Mumbai style Peanut and garlic chutney, also known as Teekhi chutney/ Teekha chutney. In Mumbai it is served with Vada pav, Pav bhaji and even sandwiches. We used to live in Nasik(another part of Maharashtra) when during my school days, and I remember our neighbor aunt used to get us this chutney.

Mumbai style Peanut and Garlic dry chutney

Mumbai style Peanut and Garlic dry chutney

Everybody in my house is a fan of this Peanut, flax seed and Garlic dry chutney, specially my husband. He will make sure to ask “do we still have that chutney? ” before every meal till the time its not finished. Being this simple recipe I don;t mind keeping it ready but the fact its so spicy I guess we should have it in moderation.

Typically this chutney has only peanuts and garlic as the base, but I when I went to pick peanuts from pantry I saw flax seeds jar. I thought of adding flax seeds to it as it has a nice nutty flavor too. More importantly it takes its nutritive value higher too. This chutney will be even better if consumed in winters, as the heat of the chili will keep your mouth hot 😉  while the nuts will keep you body warm.

Lets jump to the recipe for this super simple ready in a 20 minutes  Peanut and Garlic dry chutney.


Recipe for Peanut and Garlic Dry Chutney

Yield : 1.5 cups of chutney


Roasted Peanuts -1.5 cups

Flax Seeds- 1/2 cup

Garlic Cloves- 15-18

Green Chilies-1-2

Salt- To taste

Red chili powder-4-6 Tbsp(or to taste)

  1. In a medium hot pan dry roast flax seeds till they start to splutter, take out in a plate and keep aside.
  2. In the same pan dry roast peanuts.
  3. Roughly chop garlic and green chilies.
  4. In a grinder jar mix and blend all the ingredients.
  5. Store this Peanut and garlic dry chutney in an air tight container.
  6. It stays fine at least for a week in fridge but I bet it’s to yum to last this long.



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