Mocha Frappe

It’s Summer!!!!! Yes its finally nice and sunny here and we can get out of our houses… I know this thought of getting out ….might be sounding strange. I am sure a lot of my friends in India must be feeling equally opposite about summer, and that’s understandable when the temperature goes as high as 45 degrees or more. But in this part of the world where we see snow everywhere for 6 months and feel good if the mercury shows zero degrees, it is a big deal to be able to get out after hibernating 😉 . Plus the summer here is fairly pleasant.

The refreshing chilled coffee with the goodness of chocolate

The supermarkets are all flooded with summer stuff , barbecue , patio things and all the fun stuff. So now is the time to get your patio furniture all cleaned up sit back on your deck/ balcony/lawn and sip a nice cold beverage. 

I am sure the Idea of a cool drink in summers is interesting for anyone anywhere, right? How about some nice cool Mocha Frappe?? Simply put its a cold coffee with chocolate. A coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven for sure, I love the combo and I am sure you do too. 

I am a coffee fan and special cold versions I love all kinds of cold coffees, however Mocha is my favorite flavor. Now I am sure you know how to make cold coffee, but making as good as the baristas out there that’s a trick.

This recipe for Mocha Frappe or cold coffee with chocolate and lots of Ice will make you feel like a barista

I have been trying different versions of cold coffee at home and this one seems to have done the trick for me. This is a very simple recipe just calls for a bit of planning, i.e. the Mocha Ice Cubes yes these are the ones that do the wonder here. So lets check out this simple and quick recipe for this oh so refreshing and chilling drink Mocha Frappe.

Mocha Frappe
Serves 2
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. Instant coffee Powder: 2 heaped Tbsp
  2. Cocoa Powder:1 Tbsp
  3. Sugar: 3 Tbsp / To Taste
  4. Water: 1 Cup
  5. Whole Milk:1
  6. Chocolate Syrup
  1. Heat a cup of water and dissolve coffee
  2. In a small bowl mix cocoa powder with few tbsp of hot water mix well and add to the cup of hot water, this will prevent lump formation.
  3. Let this mocha water cool and pour in an ice tray and freeze till ice is formed, at least 2 hours.
  4. In 1/4 cup warm milk add sugar and mix well to dissolve.
  5. In a mixer process together mocha ice cubes & all the milk till ice cubes are crushed well.
  6. Serve topped with chocolate syrup.
 Make this quick and easy Mocha Frappe you will definitely love it. Also try my very berry fruit punch for another refreshing and chilling drink.

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