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This festive season I am super happy, why ?? … One it’s festive season :) , and on top of that my parents are here… isn’t that Amazing , this Diwali I will be with my Mum and dad.. after a looong time and I am so happy about it. Another major reason for my happiness is , Mum and dad being here means mum made food 😀 , yes I can enjoy the lovely taste for some time, now you see where this excitement is coming from.


Now that I am enjoying the lovely taste of mum made food, let me share a recipe for a snack which my mum makes amazingly tasty … Namkeen Mathri. It’s a classic recipe which will never go out of fashion, another snack recipe which makes you believe in power of simplicity. Simple flavors yet so awesome result.

I am bringing this savory snack this festive season, though you can also try my sweet treats like, Malai Laddoo, Dry fruit burfi, and shakar para to uplift the festive mood. Also you can try the Makhane ki kheer or carrot kheer to bring in some change.

Coming back to my savory treat, for those who are new to Namkeen Mathri , its a dry snack , served with tea / coffee or even by itself. You can also make  papri chaat with it, or add it to dahi vadas or enjoy it with just some achaar. Honestly I just love it as is. Its soft yet crunchy  (khasta) and to get this right balance of the crunch and softness, iyou need mums experience. I don’t wan’t to scare you, in fact it’s a very simple recipe but the following needs to be really considered to get the perfect soft and crunchy Namkeen mathri :

  • Amount of oil added to the dough (this makes it khasta)
  • thickness of the mathris while rolling them (thicker ones need more time to cook)
  • temperature of oil (should be medium hot, too hot will brown the outer crust while the inner will be uncooked, and less hot will make these mathris too hard to break)
  • time for deep frying (just like the temperature it needs to be just right else you end up with uncooked or over cooked mathri )

Don’t worry I have a tip for you guys, to achieve the right balance just try one small batch in medium hot oil, deep fry until its golden brown take out  and wait till its cold. Taste it for crisp and softness . That will give you a fair idea and adjustments can be made accordingly. 


Mathri 1

So now that you know the little things to keep in mind for the namkeen mathri making procedure let’s get to the detailed recipe.

Namkeen Mathri
Yields 20
Recipe for a simple savory snack made with flour and deep fried to perfection to yeild a soft and crispy wonder.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. Maida/ all purpose flour: 2 cups
  2. Oil : 6-8 tbsp for kneading + for deep frying
  3. Ajwain/ Carom seeds: 1 tbsp
  4. Salt : To Taste
  5. Water: to make the dough
  1. In a mixing bowl add maida, salt , carom seeds and oil.
  2. Mix well and check shortening by trying to tie this mixture in fist, if it retains the form you have added the right shortening, if not add a little more till the mixture retains the shape for a while.
  3. Now add a little water at a time to make a hard dough do now need too much.
  4. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes covered with a damp cloth.
  5. Heat oil till its medium hot in a deep frying pot.
  6. Take a big batch of the dough and roll into rotis but a bit thicker.
  7. Use a fork to poke* holes through out this big roti.
  8. Using a cutter cut them into desired size. Poke easch mathri again.
  9. Deep fry in medium hot oil** until light golden brown.
  10. Take out on paper towel and wait till they are cold.
  11. Repeat the above steps with a the dough.
  12. Serve with tea or achar or just enjoy these namkeen mathris as is.
  1. *Poking holes ensure the mathris don't puff up and stay crisp.
  2. **Refer to the blog above for tips about right combination of thickness ,oil temperature and frying time.

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