Malai/Paneer laddoo

So its Diwali time guys, lights, candles, diyas (lamps) and sweets not to forget rangoli and crackers. Wow can it get better? It really can’t.So here’s wishing you a happy Diwali and loads of joy always.

Paneer/Malai melt in mouth laddoos .


This festival of light also brings the memories of my Mom making sweets for us. Those home made besan ke laddoo, nariyal ki barfi, namak pare, shakar pare, namkeens, gulabjamun etc.. Oooo I so want to go home. All said and done its to late to execute the plan of going to India this Diwali, but I can execute some sweets in my kitchen dedicated to my Mommy for sure.

As always I wanted to make something quick less fussy and extremely tasty and these Paneer / Malai Laddoos fit in.

Quick NO fuss delicately sweet and super tasty.

Quick, No fuss, delicately sweet and super tasty.

The recipe calls for condensed milk, but thanks to my keen observation I bought evaporated milk instead. I had to reduce it to the similar consistency of condensed milk.These are really mildly sweetened please feel free to add more sugar as per your taste. As I was making this recipe for the first time, I made a really small batch, just 7-8 small sized ones, they turned out really nice melt in mouth kinds.


Paneer (Cottage cheese Indian) – 1 cup

Condensed Milk/ Reduced Milk-1/2 cup

Granulated Sugar -5-6 Tbsp

Powdered green cardmom-3-4


1) Knead paneer with your hands till its soft. For a bigger batch  you may use mixer/food processor.

2) Heat the condensed milk just till its warm

3) Add paneer to it and keep stirring till the mixture starts to thicken and leave the pan. I used a nonstick pan just that its more convenient.

4) Mix cardamom powder and take the mixture of the heat in a plate and let it cool.

5) Mix sugar once its cool and make laddoos. If its too soft to handle put it in fridge for 10-15 minutes ad make laddoos.

6) Keep the laddoos in fridge for 15 minutes and enjoy.










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  1. Shweta says:

    I guess Lord is loving them !!

  1. October 25, 2016

    […] am bringing this savory snack this festive season, though you can also try my sweet treats like, Malai Laddoo, Dry fruit burfi, and shakar para to uplift the festive mood. Also you can try the Makhane ki kheer […]

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