Malai kulfi quick no cooking recipe / Make at home Malai kulfi recipe

Malai kulfi makes me go nostalgic. There is so much I can relate to it.  Its actually a creamy, flavorful sweet very close to ice cream but it has many spices and nuts going into it. You actually can’t imagine the taste until you try it. Once you try Malai kulfi You are sure to want more and more of it. 

This no cook Malai kulfi is very tasty and hassle free dessert

This no cook Malai kulfi is very tasty and hassle free dessert

 I remember on our way home from school we used to stop at this hawker to have these lovely creamy sweet treats. They used to be cheap those days, now I am ready to pay a good cost for them, but those  Malai kulfis are really not available here. Even in Indian restaurants where they have kulfi on menu, either they just don’t have them or what they actually bring is a sad version, leaving you in a feeling why did I even try this .. :(

In India those authentic ones are not very regularly available with street hawkers any more, at least not as much in Delhi area. The small scale kulfi hawkers are now replaced by the branded Ice cream hawkers, they still have kulfi but I would say they just have 60% the authentic taste. Having said that, I still miss those  days when in summers, me and my husband went out for a walk after dinner to this ice cream hawker to get a Vadilal, Amul, Mother dairy kulfi. I loved those days :).

I normally used to make kulfi with a long process of boiling milk an so on…. thus I seldom made kulfi. Last week I was having my friends for dinner, for which  I made Methi Paneer Bhurji ( this chef Harpal’s recipe is very good and regular in my kitchen) along with aloo ki launj (sweet and sour thick aloo gravy), dal makhani and salad with an amazing peanut butter dressing, rice and chapatis. Recipes coming up soon. I wanted to look for a quick dessert yet tasty, I remembered I had seen some instant kulfi pics earlier while browsing Pintrest.

I started searching for quick kulfi recipes, found many interesting recipes, because it was an instant plan, I didn’t have complete ingredients for any malai kulfi recipe. So I used those ideas and adapted to my version of the Malai kulfi recipe.


Creamy rich and hassle free indian spiced Ice cream recipe

This version of Malai kulfi recipe uses sweetended, whole milk, cardamom powder, nuts and bread. Yes bread amazed? So was I, honestly I was a bit skeptical about using bread In kulfi recipe, but thought of giving it a try, I didn’t have milk powder for other quick kulfi version. Also I didn’t want to use any fruit flavor in my kulfi , I wanted to have a rich, creamy and nutty malai kulfi.

This recipe being so quick was even more attractive, I was keeping my fingers crossed when I was de moulding the malai kulfi from Popsicle maker. They came out nicely and whole and they tasted so good my friends and husband were all praises and I loved these little nice and creamy Kulfis too.  I am sure this will be a go to recipe for me in future.  I can say the same for you if you are a kulfi lover.

Since Last week I have already tried this Malai Kulfi recipe twice and I loved it as such. However if I shop for ingredients next time I would rather got for unsweetened condensed milk and adjust the sweetness to my taste.   So make sure you try This super simple sweet treat soon, may be you can share this with your valentine this weekend. Wishing you love and fun this Valentine and always. 

No cook Malai Kulfi recipe
Serves 8
A super quick, no cook recipe for a classic delicious Indian Ice cream- malai Kullfi.
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  1. Sweetened condensed milk- 150 ml
  2. Whole milk: 1+ 3/4 cups
  3. Cardamom powder: 1 Tsp
  4. Bread slices: 2
  5. Nuts:2 Tbsp
  6. Salt: Pinch
  7. Rose water:2 tbsp(optional)
  1. Cut the sides of bread slice and soak the bread in water and squeeze.
  2. Put them in blender along with milk and and blend well
  3. Add condensed milk, cardamom powder, and rose water and blend again.
  4. Coarsely pound nuts in a mortar and pestle.
  5. Add nuts mix well
  6. Pour this mixture in Popsicle maker or in desired cups and freeze for at least 6-8 hours.
  7. To de-mould run hot and cold water one after the other on the back of Popsicle stand.
  8. Keep rotating the handles once it rotates freely pull the malai kulfi out.
  9. Serve this malai kulfi chilled
This time I kept it pretty plain as cardamom flavored Mala Kulfi, but please go ahead and try different flavors like kesar / safforon, any fruits etc. I would love to hear from you guys please leave comments below on my blog if you liked the recipe or have any queries.  

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