Makhane ki Kheer

Makhane ki Kheer or Foxnut pudding is something that takes me back to my childhood, I remember my Nani (Grandmum) used to make the world famous 😉 Makhane ki kheer and gulab jamun. Every summer vacations when we used visit our grand parents special treats were waiting for us. Wowww is the word for those days, no studies for 2 months, as a kid that’s more than enough to make you super duper happy, top it up with gifts, fun time with your cousins and sweet treats made with so much of love…now you see where I am coming from? All in all it reminds me of so much childhood fun and love.

A healthy sweet treat made with makhana and other dry fruits and milk. Delicious

Makhana / foxnut/phool makhana is this white fruit /dry fruit obtained from lotus plant. It is very tasty and healthy and used in various ways in Indian cuisine. Besides being used in curries and pudding, Makhana also makes a delicious and healthy snack. Just roast them with a tbsp of ghee/clarified butter until they are lightly golden add a little salt and your healthy Makhana popcorns are ready for munching.

To give you an idea about benefits of this healthy dry fruit, Makhana is a good source of protein, carbs, fibre, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Want to know more read this article.

I read that cultivating makhana is a long tedious process and these farmers do a lot to bring this healthy fruit to us. However the demand for this healthy and traditional Indian dry fruit is decreasing which is a pity for us and much more for those farmers. I came across this post, where Dassana from Vegrecipesofindia has incorporated many interesting ways to include Makhana in our regular diet do check it, also her recipe for makhane ki kheer.

Besides all the health benefits and the good stuff another reason I like to use makhana in my kheer is, it makes it super easy. You know me, being the queen of the lazy kingdom I want things to be quick and tasty and these Makahana makes my kheer thicker and tastier so quickly. 

A simple Tasty and healthy dessert recipe to share the love of sweets

Coming to the recipe, this is one of those recipes which makes you proud. As I said I have a childhood memory of my Nani making Makhane ki kheer and at that age I was only bothered about the end product and its taste, so I don’t know her recipe. Now when I thought of making this kheer there were a lots of thoughts for adding variations to this recipe. I must admit it is not easy to experiment with a classic kheer recipe, takes some guts. But I went ahead and implemented these thoughts and when this trial turns out well you have a very nice and different recipe for your blog. Talking about traditional kheer recipes do try my Moong Dal kheer recipe too.

Back to our makhane ki kheer traditionally its a recipe of makhana along with many other dry fruits cooked in milk. Actually we can safely call it dry fruit kheer too. In my version I have done the same with adding a little variation. I have used besan/chickpea flour as a base of the kheer which adds a nice flavor and color. Also I have added a dash of vanilla with the elaichi/ cardamom flavor to give the flavor and different lift. I hope you would enjoy these changes as much as I did.

Makhane ki Kheer
Serves 4
A simple adaptation of classic pudding, Makhane and dryfruits cooked in milk.
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  1. Makhana / foxnuts : 1.5 cups
  2. Almonds:1/2 cup
  3. Walnut: 1/2 cup
  4. Figs: 6
  5. Dates: 6
  6. Sweetened condensed milk: 100 ml
  7. Whole milk:1.5 ltrs
  8. Besan: 2 Tbsp
  9. Ghee: 6-10 tbsp
  10. Sugar: to taste
  11. Cardamom Powder:1tbsp
  12. Vanilla essence:1 tbsp
  1. Heat 1 tbsp ghee on medium heat and add makhana to it roast till lightly golden, keep an eye as this happen very quickly. Take then out and keep aside.
  2. In the same pan heat another tablespoon ghee and fry almonds and walnuts one by one till they turn light golden.
  3. Boil a cup of water and put dates in it for 5 minutes, for easier pitting.
  4. If using pitted dates just chop them.
  5. Chop the figs too.
  6. Now in a heavy bottomed sauce pan heat 4 tbsp ghee and add besan roast till its golden stirring continuously.
  7. Once the besan is golden add milk very little at a time mixing continuously to prevenet lumps.
  8. Add all the milk and bring it to boil.
  9. Add condensed milk and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
  10. Coarsely break 1/4th the makhanas and add to the milk.
  11. Add all the other dry fruit and let it cook for 10-15 minutes or until thick*
  12. Taste and add sugar if needed**
  13. Add Cardamom powder and vanilla essence mix well.
  14. Serve hot or chilled.
  1. *This kheer will thicken on chilling just like any other milk kheer so make sure you don't cook it too much.
  2. **Dates and figs are pretty sweet and we used sweetened condensed milk make sure you taste before adding sugar. I didn't need any sugar for this recipe.
 Now that you have read the recipe for this very tasty and very healthy energy powerhouse Makhane ki kheer make sure you try this sweet treat and share the joy with your loved ones.

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