Khajoor(Dates) Dryfruit rolls / burfi (Phalahar)

I am so excited while writing this one, yes its Janamashtami Lord Krishna’s Birthday. Its celebrated with dahi handi, kids dress up as Radha and Krishna temples have festivals and ceremonies and its so lively back in India. I am even more excited because this festival marks the beginning of the whole new festive season it will be Ganesh Chaturthi then Durga Puja then Dussehra and sooo on… I love it.. such nice food, beautiful dresses, this joy and festivity all around markets beautifully decorated Ooo I so want to be there.

Highly nutritious and super easy, no artificial sugar super energy rich Khajoor dryfruits Rolls

Highly nutritious and super easy, no artificial sugar super energy rich Khajoor dryfruits Rolls

OK coming to the post now, this is the second post of the week for a very good reason being Janamashtami. No prizes for guessing that its a sweet. We are making Khajoor (Dates) and dry fruit rolls. Its a very nice recipe without any added sugar as the Khajoor (dates) are sweet enough. Again I had this recipe in my mind for a long time and was just retaliating till yesterday when i thought its Janamashtami and a nice time to post this recipe. I started around 9:00 PM and was done by ┬á10:15 PM or so yes its that quick (see my enthusiasm when it comes to posting a recipe on my site ­čśÇ )

It is totally phalahari no cereals or atta used so you sure can eat it during the fast and it will give you the much needed energy.

Very nutritious and super healthy.. ready in under an hour ..

Very nutritious and super healthy.. ready in under an hour ..

All you need is is dry fruits and Khajoor, rest all is just up to you. You can happily give this one to your kids and as the color of Khajoor resembles chocolate its much easier to sell to the little ones. In fact just 1-2 rolls are good enough to kick start your day.  Have them first thing in the morning for that energy boost, its much better then your tea or coffee I bet. Also please feel free to add any dryfruits of your choice. You may also want to increase the quantity of the nuts, please go ahead just be sure its moist enough to be kneaded well. So do try these phalahari Khajoor dryfruit rolls/ burfi this Janamashtami and make this festival even more sweeter.

So trying to keep the post short and simple lets jump directly to this tasty and nutritional Khajoor and dry fruit rolls.

Recipe for Khajoor and dry fruit rolls (Phalahari)
Yield-20-25 thin rolls / Burfi

Khajoor-1.5 cups

Cashew Nuts- 1/3 Cup

Almonds- 1/3 Cup

Pecans-1/3 Cup

Green Cardamom powder-2 Tsp

Goond katira-2-3 Tsp (optional)

Ghee:3 Tbsp

  1. Pitt and chop Khajoor / Dates (if your khajoor is dry you may put them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes its much easier to pit and chop this way)
  2. Roast the dry fruits in warm ghee lightly to give a it a little crunch, coarsely break the nuts, try not to use the grinder it won’t give the right consistency.
  3. To  the same ghee Add the goond and roast on slow flame till all of it fluffs up.
  4. Crush the goond with the help of a spoon.
  5. Slightly churn the chopped dates / khajoor in a chopper or mixer to make it easier to handle
  6. Mix the nuts together and keep 20% aside.
  7. Mix rest of the nuts cardamom, goond and khajoor together and knead well
  8. Form into 3-4 cylindrical logs, coat them with the left over nuts.
  9. Roll these logs in a cling rap to make nice toffee shapes and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
  10.  Cut them into small pieces and serve with love.

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    Loved by everyone in the family!!! Thanks Aparna­čśŐ

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