Honey chili tofu

This dish makes a nice starter or main course , its really a quick one and its hot, sweet and tangy flavors are worth loving. Its Indo Chinese inspired recipe just an effort to include tofu in our regular meals.

Hot, Sweet and tangy tofu, starter or main course

We all know tofu is very rich source of protein but it has a mild yet distinct flavor not very easily acceptable for the Indian taste buds. But when cooked the Indian way or the Indo Chinese way, like  in this recipe, it is a pleaser.

All you need is some corn starch, soya sauce, tomato ketchup handy, such easy ingredients. No finally chopped veggies, just chunks not a lot of cooking time, no pre-preparations required. In short its my go to recipe weather with tofu or paneer, and I m sure you will say the same to after trying it once.

A nice way to include protein rich tofu in your meals.

If you are watching your weight it can be made almost oil free . Omit the tofu shallow fry step and start with sauteying onion and garlic just in 1 tbsp of oil


FirmTofu- 200gms

Capsicum-1 medium

Onion -1 medium

Garlic- 4 cloves medium

Ginger- 1 Inch piece

Green chillies- 3-4 or to taste

black pepper: 1/2 Tsp or to taste

Corn flour: 3-4 Tbsp

Soya sauce-2 Tbsp

Tomato ketchup- 5 Tbsp

Tomato puree- 3-4 Tbsp

White vinegar- 2 Tbsp

Honey-2 Tbsp

Oil: 6-7 Tbsp

Salt – to taste


1) Cut tofu in to cubes

2) Grate 2 cloves of garlic half the ginger and mix it with tofu chunks in a bowl

3) Add 1.5 Tbsp of corn flour and .5 tsp of black pepper powder and coat the tofu well let it sit for a while

4) Heat 0il in a pan just to shallow fry tofu.

5) Shallow fry tofu for 3-4 minutes turning sides in between, take out and set aside.

6) Cut onion and capsicum to chunks, chop green chilies and grate the left over ginger and garlic.

7) In a bowl mix tomato ketchup puree and tomato sauce and keep aside

8) In medium hot oil add ginger garlic and chilies.

9) Increase the flame now add onions to the oil and let them sweat for a minute, these don’t need to change color or loose crunch.

10) Add capsicum, tofu and the mix of sauce and tomato puree.Add black pepper.

11) Now add 6-7 tbsp of water to get the right consistency  just to help the sauce coat everything well.

12) Mix 1 tbsp of cornflour with 3-4 tbsp of water and add to the pot. This helps in thickening the sauce and gives it a nice texture. repeat the same with more cornflour if needed.(Dish should have a thick saucy consistency). Taste the dish and add salt accordingly.

13) Once its boiling add vinegar.

13) Add honey at the top and Serve Honey chili tofu hot with chapati.

Note : Its important to taste the dish before adding salt as all the sauces added have salt in them.

As the cooking is being done on high flame its important to keep the sauces mixed and cornflour and other ingredients ready to use.

If you want to have this dish with rice increase the quantity of the suces as per the gravy you want.

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