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Hey guys how is it going? Did I ever tell you that I am a coffee lover? and I am sure a lot of you are as well. The beautiful texture and aroma of coffee and that rich frothy foam can make anyone love this wonderful beverage. 

I know a lot of coffee people will frown listening to this but my coffee is normally a milk sugar and instant coffee, mostly cold in summers and hot in winters. I don’t have any fancy coffee machines at home because I don’t think I need one.

My favorite of the favorites is the Starbucks Cafe Mocha. I love it, normally I like to try menu option in any food joint/ cafe but in Starbucks, my order is always the same, cafe mocha.  The lovely flavor of chocolate goes amazingly well with coffee it almost like made for each other duo.

I love mocha coffee and have tried to recreate it at home a lot of times, but until now I wasn’t happy with the results. As you know for me the recipe has to be easy and repeatable without much hassle (unless it’s all worth it).  So as of now I have two version of my Homemade Mocha Coffee that I am pretty happy with –

  • the first one is the no time mocha where I just add instant coffee, very good quality chocolate sauce that is less sweet, and milk all together in a mug and microwave it for 1.5 minutes or until it’s a little frothy but not boiling and stir it to get the easiest homemade mocha. Sprinkle some instant coffee on the frothy top for interesting looks.

Homemade cafe Mocha

However, if you want things to go a little more pro way in the look and feel try this recipe it’s still easy and doable and gives great frothy and chocolaty mocha. Here you will use good quality dark chocolate, or semi-sweet chocolate along with some full fat or part skimmed milk.  

Now I did try this recipe in the microwave a couple of time but I find it is the easiest this way so that the chocolate doesn’t form lumps and is homogenous. So let’s check out the recipe for homemade coffee mocha

Home Made Mocha Coffee
Serves 2
Home made coffee mocha with no fancy equipment's, rich and chocolaty milk coffee
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Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
2 min
Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
2 min
  1. Full fat milk-1.5 cups
  2. Semi sweet chocolate chips -2 tbsp
  3. Instant coffee- 2 Tsp
  1. Heat the milk in the microwave until its hot but not boiling, use a can that you can put a lid on and shake. Like a coffee mug or a mason jar.
  2. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan on low heat (use small burner) put the chocolate chip in.
  3. Keep stirring and add coffee we want the chocolate to gently melt while you stir.
  4. Now slowly start to mix in the hot milk save half of it.
  5. Divide this chocolate and coffee mixture in two mugs.
  6. Put the lid on the rest of the milk and shake till it's frothy (make sure the lid is closed well )
  7. Pour this frothy milk in the two mugs equally and top with the froth with a spoon.
  8. Enjoy your frothy and rich coffee mocha
  1. This recipe is mildly sweet and strong coffee, please feel free to add sugar while melting the chocolate if you would prefer more sweet flavor
  2. Or if you don't like any sugar in you coffee use the dark chocolate unsweetened chip.
  3. I used Lindt Dark chocolate 1 per cup or Hershey's semisweet chipits and didn't need a y further sugar.
Adapted from Joanie Simons
Adapted from Joanie Simons
Plumsnpeppers http://plumsnpeppers.com/
Now that you have made yourself this lovely decadent coffee mocha sit back and enjoy every sip of it. Take out some time for yourself and indulge add some whipped cream on top if you please, have a nice cozy time with your lovely cup of mocha. 

Also if you like warm drinks try my masala hot chocolate it’s very interesting with the hint of spices. If you try the recipes please share your feedback as I love to hear from you all … Happy winters.

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