Hare Pyaz Ka Salan (Spring Onion Dish)

The taste of this hare pyaz ka salan  is the power of simplicity. Very regular ingredients, simple method.. and its just wow.

Hare Pyaz Ka Salan

Recently I got my driving license and in Canada its a big deal, specially when in the first attempt. So you are welcome to congratulate me. Please accept my thanks in advance. Why am I telling you this? Because the process of getting the driving licences brought the idea of this dish to me. How? We have to go through a class room training for some hours, where I met this lady who had some experience in the restaurant industry..and I took the opportunity to check some veg recipes with her. She told me about this super simple recipe which is super yummy and quick too. What more does one need?

Hare Pyaz Ka Salan

This one was new to me but extremely simple and after trying it I m sure its going to be a regular at my place, the flavor of  green onion is just  amazing. The tomatoes I used  here were not very red, if you use red tomatoes the color would come out even better.


Onion- 2 medium sliced

Tomatoes- 2 medium chopped

Spring onion greens- 1.5 cups chopped

Spring onion whites: Separated

Green chilies-2-3 (optional)

Oil-3-4 tbsp

Turmeric: 1/2 Tsp

Salt: To taste

Coriander : 1/2 Tsp


1) Heat Oil in a pan and add sliced onion and spring onion whites.

2) Just let the onions sweat and add the tomatoes and green chilies add a pinch of salt and let it cook till tomatoes are mushy.

3) Add turmeric and coriander powder, rest of the salt  mix well and let it cook for a minute.

4) Now add green onions and cover and cook for 3-4 minutes, now remove the cover and cook for another few minutes till most of the moisture of the green onions is gone (this is slightly moist sabzi).

5) That’s it enjoy this salan /sabzi with roti, parantha.

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