Fruit and yogurt parfait with blueberry sauce

This week I wasn’t sure what to post, as I had a chutney in mind but then I was thinking its Navratri and a lot of you won’t be in a mood for garlic chutney. I thought lets come up with a recipe that’s super stylish and very easy to do.  More over it can be served as a dessert on regular days and for your Navratri fasts it can be a meal for you. Its Fruit and yogurt Parfait with blueberry sauce.

Weather you are looking for a quick yet impressive dessert or a healthy snack for kids or looking for something you can eat during navratri this is just perfect.

Weather you are looking for a quick yet impressive dessert or a healthy snack for kids or looking for something you can eat during navratri this is just perfect.


A parfait is generally a dessert made with layering cream, ice cream, or yogurt with some fruits/ nuts/ candies or may be all together. Actually  when it comes to layering you are as limited as your imagination. Add whatever you think would go well together and you have your very own parfait.

This is Yogurt and Fruit Parfait with Blueberry sauce is a super simple recipe, and looks pretty stylish. I made it when for kids while I hosted a dinner few weeks back. My son loved it and no wonder because it looks pretty appealing. The best part is its just  fruits and yogurt you will be one happy and satisfied mom if your kids like it.

Simple and impressive

Simple and impressive

So what type of fruits to use and what type of yogurt? Fruits is up to you use berries, mixed fruits, strawberries, kiwis, apples, bananas, grapes what ever you  feel like. Try to use different colors to make it  more interesting.Also you may use the readily available fruit cocktail from the store, just in case you are in a hurry. For the yogurt you may use any flavored or plain yogurt. I have used plain yogurt and added some sugar and vanilla essence to it.

Here I have used Blueberry sauce for topping but u may make any sauce in almost the same way and use is as topping. So are you ready for a very simple yet fun Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with Blueberry sauce..? Lets get going.


Recipe for Fruit and Yogurt Parfait with Blueberry sauce.
Yeild- Server 6-8 small servings


Hung Yogurt -500 gms

Mixed chopped fruits-2 cups

Sugar-4 Tbsp

Vanilla- 1 Tbsp (Optional)

Rose syrup-5-6 Tbsp (Optional)

For Blueberry sauce:

Bluberries- 1/4 cup

Butter- 1.5 tbsp

Sugar-4-5 Tbsp

Lemonjuice-1/2 Tbsp



For the blueberry sauce

  1. In a pan at medium heat add butter and when it starts to melt add blueberries.
  2. Now add sugar and let everything melt and cook for a while mash it with the help of a spatula.
  3. Once it starts looking like sauce turn off the gas. It should take around 4-7 minutes.


  1. Mix hung yogurt with vanilla and sugar.
  2. Now in the serving glass add one spoon of yogurt and then top it with a spoon of mixed fruits.
  3. Drizzle some rose syrup over it then top with another layer of yogurt
  4. Make as many layers as you like, when serving to kids just two layers should be enough because we need small serving for them.
  5. Top with blue berry sauce (cooled) and refrigerate till you are ready to serve.
  6. You may also top it with granola.

Note: If you are observing  a fast just omit, vanilla, sugar syrup and salt from the recipe and its good for you fast too. Some people might want to omit lemon juice too.










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