Dhania Alloo for Navratri Vrat / Fast

Its Navratri time of the year time when goddess Durga will come to our houses and grace us all. This auspicious arrival of goddess Durga in our houses marks a beginning of a festival full of fun and colors and lots more. All our streets would be full of new stuff , sweets and lights, the very beautifully decorated durga puja  Pundals would have different cultural activities and Pooja every evening . A lot of people observe fasts during Navratri some do it for 9 days all together or some do it for 2-4 days. During these fast days people refrain from eating cereals and wheat and want to stick to more simple and fruit and vegetable based meals. Very less to no spices are used in the preparations for these fasts.

These are simple and very tasty Just what you want for your Navratris

These are simple and very tasty Just what you want for your Navratris


Coming to this weeks recipe, no prices for guessing that its a Navratri fast recipe, but its so so tasty that you don’t have to fast to eat it, you are sure to love it any ways. It is my mums favorite, Yesterday while making it I missed her so much. On a day of fast we normally are in a need of a quick recipe which is nice for  our taste buds and yes light on out stomach.  These Dhania wale aloo or dhania aloo are super simple and very very tasty. I made them yesterday and thought we will eat some and save some for later, but both me and my husband just couldn’t stop eating until it was all over.

Its a simple recipe where we mix roasted potatoes with the regular dhania k chutney and what an amazing tasty effect we get. I used Oven for roasting the potatoes so it took very less oil, you may do that in a heavy nonstik pan with a little oil too untill they are brown from all sides. So lets flavor up your Navratri Fast with these simple yet super tasty Dhania wale Aloo / Dhania Aloo.

These cook very fast just too good for your fast

These cook very fast just too good for your fast

Recipe for Dhania Aloo
Yeild-2-3 people

Potaoes-4 Medium

Green coriander -1 bunch

Lemon Juice-3-4 Tbsp

Sendha Namak- to taste

Ginger-1 Inch Peiece

Green Chilies-2-3

Oil -4-5 Tbsp

  1. Preheat oven at 40o deg
  2. Peel an cut potatoes in thick cubes
  3. Microwave cubed potatoes for 3 Minutes or until par boiled.
  4. Add green coriander, ginger, Sendha Namak, Lemon juice and green chilies in a blender and make chutney.
  5. Put potatoes on a baking tray drizzle with oil pop in the oven  for 10 minutes and then broil for another 7-10 minutes turning in between until lightly brown on all sides.
  6. Take potatoes out in a mixing bowl and when you are ready to eat add the green coriander chutney to it you may add more lemon juice and sendha namak to adjust as per your taste .
  7. Enjoy your simple and super tasty dhania aloo.

Note: If you are not fasting add a little chat masala and sev to your plate and this recipe would be even more flavorful.

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