Cranberry (karaunda) and Green chilies chutney/instant pickle

Chutneys and pickles are a very nice accompaniment to any food and sometime its just what you need brighten up an other wise boring food.  This is first independent chutney/instant pickle recipe for the site & its sure to tickle your taste buds with hot and tangy flavors.

This hot and tangy chutney/pickle will spice up your food

First time I had this chutney in one of my friend’s her lunch box and I just loved it. It was super tasty and incredibly easy. All it needed was 5 ingredients and was very quick to do.

The exact same recipe can be applied to Amla (Indian gooseberries) to enjoy the Vit C rich fruit in its season.

The heat of the dish can very well be adjusted as per your taste. I used the medium hot thick green chilies (green banana pepper can work for lesser heat). Also you can remove the chili seeds to further decrease the heat.

A word of caution: use you exhaust at full speed or, keep the windows of your kitchen open while making this, as chili and oil might make you wanna cough and sneeze.  Lets Quickly see the recipe now.


Cranberries (karaunda): 200 gm or 2 cups

Medium hot Green chilies: 10-15

Mustard Seeds: 1 Tsp

Oil: 7-8 Tbsp

Salt: To taste


1) Slit chilies to half and cut them to thick pieces. You may half the cranberries if you like(I use whole as it will get mashed up after cooking anyways).

2) Heat oil in a pan and once it gets heated add mustard seeds.

3) Once they start to splutter add cranberry, green chilies and salt.

4) Cover it and let it cook for a few minutes till the cranberries are cooked (cranberries will go mushy if they are well ripe).

5) That’s it you are good to go.. enjoy your food with this tasty chutney.

Note: Tbsp=Table spoon and Tsp =Teaspoon

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