Coconut fried rice…ready in under 10 minutes

I have been a working for almost 10 years of my life. Working brings a lot to you sense of self suffice, independence etc.. I still remember when I got my family presents from my first salary, how good and proud I felt. I am sure my parents were prouder. I Love what I learnt and how I evolved as a person in so many years. Best of my friends and awesome memories come from work.

Mildly flavored and super will love them

Mildly flavored and super will love them

While there are loads of pros to have a work life  always , sometimes maintaining the work life balance gets a bit tricky. More so when you wan’t to strike a balance between being a good wife and daughter in law to still being committed to your work. I can’t even imagine how it would be with Kids (I am an almost full time mommy since my son was born).. So here’s a big salute to all my lovely working ladies…

Why am I going on this track today because today’s  recipe is for one of those lazy / busy days when you are really not in a mood to cook or go out, or sometimes when you come home late and remember I didn’t prepare anything for the lunch/dinner. Its super simple very mild and tasty Coconut fried rice.

You will lovewhat the mildness of curry leaves and coconut add to your boiled rice.

You will lovewhat the mildness of curry leaves and coconut add to your boiled rice.

Awesome if you have some left over rice in fridge, if not the first thing I do after I am back , is wash and  put rice in the rice cooker and then go change. By the time you will chop the onions your rice would be done and there your Coconut fried rice would be ready in under 10 minutes now.

These coconut fried rice is nice because of its simplicity and mild flavors, you will be able to appreciate it even more if you are having it after some heavy meals. Very few ingredients and very few steps, some of you might have already predicted the recipe, yes its that simple. Try it with Raita, or plain curd. I personally like it as is.

This recipe doesn’t use much spices or even ginger garlic, as we want the flavor of coconut to takeover. I use regular cooking oil but if you have coconut oil handy please use it as I am sure it would enhance the flavors. Also it goes without saying please use fresh coconut if you have it its definitely tastes better than the desiccated almost always. So let’s jump right to the recipe.

Recipe for Coconut Fried Rice
Yield: Good for 2-3 People


Boiled Rice :2.5 Cups

Onion-1 Medium

Green chili:1-2 (Optional)

Desiccated coconut-1 Cup

Curry leaves-7-10

Mustard seeds-1/2 Tsp

Roasted peanuts:1/2 cup

Chana dal-1 tsp

Oil -3-4 Tbsp

Salt – to taste



  1. Add oil to a pan and once its medium hot add mustard seeds and cook till it starts to splutter.
  2. Add chana dal and curry leaves now and let it cook till the chana dal (Chick Pea Lentil) is light brown.
  3. Chop the onion and green chilies and add to the oil
  4. Cook till onions are translucent and add the peanuts and coconut.
  5. Cook for another 2 minutes and add salt mix well and add rice mix with gentle hands.
  6. There you have your coconut fried rice serve it with raita chutney or pickle. (As i said I don’t need anything with this rice)




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