Coconut Cardamom Macaroons..Egg less.. only 4 ingredients…

Coconut tastes amazing with almost everything, I love coconut barfi , laddoo and all other coconut desserts, but whats awesome about coconut is its equally nice with curries and gravies and not to forget the drinks. I love the Pinacolada mocktail. I have been trying to recreate the same at home almost, hopefully I would be satisfied enough to share the recipe for this mock tail. Being a coconut Fan I made a Pinacolada cake for my sons first birthday in fact I made it 1 shaped. I might have some pics may be I will share them some time. You see at that time I didn’t focus too much on food photography and I am sure you can see that in those pics too.

Coconut cardamom Macaroons..egg less


Coming to the macaroon these are sweet a bit crisp at top and soft and chewy in the middle. The first time I ate coconut macaroons (which was many years ago) I thought I will definitely try to make them, but that was when I didn’t have an oven. Also I wasn’t sure if we could make them egg less. Last week I was going to meet a friend and thought of making something for her. I had a can of condensed milk in my pantry so thought of making coconut laddoos. Another thought about macaroons struck and I googled the egg less macaroon recipe. Found a lot of them some had flour and some had rawa and I liked all of them. As this happens with me a lot of time being a pretty agile person as I am , I start after reading a recipe but by the end of it I have something pretty different from it. These macaroons are no exception. I initially started with laddoos idea had elaichi / cardamom in mind and vanilla is a normal feature for macaroons. I though of keeping it super simple this time it has just 4 ingredient in all. Yes its that simple mix it and pop it in the oven.

Coconut cardamom Macaroons..egg less_1

In fact for this recipe you don’t have to worry about the cooking time either because all the ingredients are edible just as is too. Actually  if you don’t put it in the oven you have coconut ladoos. You may consider this as a 2 in 1 post just shape the mixture differently and pop it in the fridge for some 30 minutes at least to yield ladoos. But because this is post for Coconut Cardamom Macaroons lets jump quickly to the recipe now.

 Recipe for Coconut Cardamom Macaroons ..eggless and only 4 ingredients

Yield: 18-24 small macaroons

Desiccated Coconut : 150 gms

Sweetended Condensed milk:100-125 ml

Cardamom powder-1 Tbsp

Vanilla: 1tbsp

  1. Heat oven at 360 F
  2. Take coconut in a bowl and add half the condensed milk to it and mix well add vanilla and cardamom and mix.
  3. We want a mixture that can retain its shape but not too hard either. add more condensed milk to reach such consistency.
  4. Shape macaroons and place on a greased baking tray and put it in the oven top rack  for 10-12 minutes or when it light golden brown at top take them out and let it cool to feel the light krisp top layer and soft and chewy center. You will be amazed to see how well cardamom and vanilla go with each other.


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