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recipe for Papdi chaat a spicy, tangy and sweet crunchy snack

Papdi Chaat

Ok darlings I am finally writing again after ages( 10.5 months precisely) and hope to post this one soon. So how have you all been? In these months I have been busy loving and...

Sabudana KHichdi recipe

Sabudana Khichdi for fast

Sabudana Khichdi /Khichdi is another classic recipe. It’s a savory breakfast dish made with Tapioca/ sago/ Sabudana. Although mostly Sabudana khichdi is made for fasts like Navratri, or Janamashtami, shivratri etc. it’s a regular...

This traditional bihari combo will leave you  amazed with its simple flavors

Litti Chokha Recipe

This one has been in my to do list for at least a few months if not more. But finally when I tried the famous Bihari food, Litti Chokha this simple recipe left me...