Category: Desserts

Coconut & Chocolate  Mousse

Coconut and chocolate mousse (Super quick)

No meal  is complete without a dessert, though making a dessert is mostly a long or complex process. This mousse is thankfully  an exception, its real quick very less ingredients and tastes super yummy....

Tutti Frutti Cookies

Tutti frutti custard cookies

I am pretty new to Canada in fact just completed 2 years here. And its holiday time here…. with snow everywhere and decorations across the city it just so beautiful and mesmerizing. Christmas and New...


Malai/Paneer laddoo

So its Diwali time guys, lights, candles, diyas (lamps) and sweets not to forget rangoli and crackers. Wow can it get better? It really can’t.So here’s wishing you a happy Diwali and loads of...