Broccoli and cheese paratha (stuffed flatbread)

Yes this one is for kids, hoping we can sell some healthy stuff to them if hidden and flavored well (kind off). Its is just an honest try.

My son is happy to have cheese parathas now and then (I got the Idea from one of my friends thanks dear). I just stuff half a mozzarella cheese slice  into normal whole wheat dough and roll it in paranthas.

The mommy in me, who’s constantly thinking of feeding him something healthy came up with adding this super healthy veggie to it. Broccoli is full of fiber, Vit C, has iron, potassium, magnesium, Vit A etc… plus the calcium and other nutrition from cheese is added incentive. In short if this broccoli paratha is sold to the kids, mommy’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

I don’t like to overload calories in my lil one’s diet, so I just dry roast the paratha and add ghee or butter on the top (just to save on the oil).

This is a no frills recipe i.e. not a lot of spices and fancy ingredients. Yet these parathas taste really nice and are sure to please the grown ups as well. I sometimes stuff boiled and mashed mixed veg as well the same way.

Few things to keep in mind, if you are a beginner in the paratha business. Grated vegetables need to be squeezed to remove excess water.

Try to add salt just before you are about to use the stuffing as the salt being deliquescent, speeds separation of water from  vegetables making it tough to stuff and roll.

Specially for cheese parathas if using grated cheese try to use frozen or chilled, because it will melt very quickly and may leak out of the parathas.


For the dough:

Whole wheat flour( Atta) -1.5 cups

Salt: .25 Tbsp

Carom Seeds(Ajwain)-.25 Tbsp

Water: to make the dough

For Stuffing:

Broccoli: 8-10 florets grated

Salt: to taste

Carrom Seeds(Ajwain)-.25 Tsp

Cheese Slices- 2-3 (or to taste)

Green Chilies- 2-3 (optional)

Oil for frying- 2-3 Tsp

Butter- for topping (optional)


1) Mix all dry ingredients for the flour and knead a soft dough by  slowly mixing water to it. Its really important for the dough to be soft else rolling the parathas won’t be easy.

2) Mix grated broccoli, salt and carom seeds and then squeeze it well to ensure excess water is removed and the stuffing is easy to handle.(If using green chilies add now)

3) Now divide the dough in to  balls.

4) Make a small roti (round) by rolling the sides of the ball with the help of a rolling pin keeping center thick.

5) Keep the the stuffing in the center and top it with half cheese slice torn to pieces.

6) Make it into  a ball again by carefully merging sides.

7) Now press the stuffed ball with hands gently and roll with gentle pressure.The paratha is ready to go on Pan.

8) Put the paratha on medium hot pan and cook till brown spots start to appear, now flip sides.

9) Cook on the other sides as well. till small brown spots appear. If you wish apply oil on both sides and turn again.

10) The broccoli and cheese parathas are ready. Top it with Butter before serving. Serve with Dahi, raita , Achar or the evergreen Tea .


Note: Tbsp = Tables spoon and Tsp = teaspoon

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    What u think spl abt city chennai :) & have u tasted dossai :)the people! yes I love dossai with Raman and coconut chutney and mint yoghurt

  2. Arjita says:

    all recepies r real good easy to cook nd mouth watering

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