Beet root coconut sabzi (spicy savoury beetroot dry curry)

Yes we are making a beetroot sabzi (curry) today. I know beetroot is boring its doesn’t taste so good, but at the same time its really really healthy very rich in fiber, good for cholesterol, high in anti oxidants high in vitamins. Basically its good for everything from  your tummy to your skin to your heart, so much so that it has been categorized as a super food.

Only 6 ingredients and its really tasty and healthy

Only 6 ingredients and its really tasty and healthy

I hope that information was inspiring enough to convince you start including beet root in your meals. Not yet? what if I give you a recipe that is so flavor full that it will overpower the sweet and earthy flavors of beetroot. Yes this recipe is nice and flavor full. Need less to say its quick and super easy like most of my recipes. Plus we don’t cook it a lot that’s why we retain the nutritional value too.

This sabzi is inspired by my friends recipe, she used to make it with diced carrot. While I was expecting  I really wanted to include beet root in my diet (you know how you want to eat all healthy while pregnancy), that’s when I tried this and it turned out very nice. I ate it all my pregnancy and since then very often.

I actually have one more beetroot salad recipe which another friend of mine introduced me to during the same period, it also meets all the above criterion. I will share it some other day.

Healthy, tasty and very few ingredients beetroot and coconut sabzi

Healthy, tasty and very few ingredients beetroot and coconut sabzi

So coming to this recipe it has south Indian flavors to it but its not tangy. Cooking time for this beetroot coconut sabzi is pretty less, but for me the toughest part is to shred the beets. If you use a food processor for it that’s it you don’t have to worry.

One more thing here, my friend used to use fresh grated coconut for the carrot sabzi but that’s when I was in India. Out here I can get fresh coconut too, but to avoid all the hassle of breaking and shredding the  fresh coconut I end up using the convenient option of desiccated coconut or dry shredded coconut, which is readily available in market. To be honest I am sure this would taste even better with fresh coconut (do give it a try if you have one handy).

So now its time to jump to the recipe of this super easy just 6 ingredient sabzi.

Recipe for Beetroot Coconut Sabzi (curry)


Beet Root- 3 small

Desiccated coconut- 7-8 Tbsp(See notes)

Green chilies:3 small (See notes)

Curry leaves:5-6

Salt:to taste

Oil:2 tbsp

Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp


1) Wash peel and make thick shreds beet roots.

2) In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds to splutter

3) Finally chop green chilies to release maximum heat and add  to the oil with curry leaves.

4) Add beet root and saute for a 3-4 minutes, don’t cover the pan.

5) Now add the salt and coconut and let it cook for another few minutes.

6) serve it with roti (bread), or dal rice and enjoy your healthy yet tasty beetroot sabzi.


This is supposed to be a hot hot sabzi  I used thai hot chilies that’s why 3 but you can surely increase or decrease the qty.  If you want to have it milder try adding some black pepper powder (Thats how I had it post delivery as you are not supposed to have too hot food then)

Also the qty of coconut is as much as you like. just don’t add more than the beets else it would be more of a coconut sabzi.

We want the beetroot to cook yet retain its textur and a bit of crunch hence be sure not to over cook it.

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  1. Amrita says:

    Wow color looks amazing and it’s very nutritious also

  2. Navdeep says:

    Thanks aparna it is very tasty and heathy dish thanks again send us more healthy recipes like this.

  3. Jaskirat says:

    Super easy, yummy loved by everyone (even lil one loved it) in the family and super nutritious..thanks Aparna☺

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