Bean and vegetable Greek salad

Hey guys its Tuesday again, yes first of all I know I owe you guys an explanation for skipping last Tuesday. I can say I was relatively tired last week or too busy. Whatever I say would sound like an excuse, so let me phrase it this way, last week was one of the days when you are  just not in a mood. I am too lazy/busy to keep a backup post ready, hence I have to write one every Tuesday(I will give the credits to my engineering, we used to wait till the exam was tomorrow and fire fighted through the whole syllabus in one night). Irrespective of all my love for food and food photography I was just not feeling like it last week. But here I am all charged up to present a very nice and simple recipe this week bean and vegetable Greek salad.

Bean and vegetable Greek salad

Greek salad normally is vegetables with feta cheese dressed in an olive oil and oregano dressing. I had a very nice salad at one of my friends place(thanks to her) and thought of trying my hand on it, but I didn’t have many of the ingredients she used, so came up with this Bean and vegetables greek salad instead. It was my first time and it turned up pretty nice. Adding beans to this salad makes it pretty filling  almost as good as a meal just club it with garlic bread.

I chopped up the veggies that were available in my fridge please feel free to play with it. The strong flavor of feta cheese adds so much to this nice and crunchy bean and vegetable Greek salad and feta cheese is pretty essential for a Greek salad so I suggest keeping this ingredient as is.

Bean and vegetable Greek salad_1

The dressing is pretty simple too, I normally like to use lemon juice instead of vinegar for dressings, but please feel free to use vinegar if you like it. Also I like using extra virgin olive oil for salads for its nice flavor. Regarding the yield I had some guests coming over so made a pretty big bowl, you may decrease the proportions as per your preference. Also The dressing can be refrigerated and you can have it with your daily vegetable salads too. So lets get going to the recipe.

Recipe for Bean and vegetable Greek Salad
Yield:for 5-6 people

Red radish:5-6

Yellow bell pepper: 1/2

Green bell pepper:1/2

Orange bell pepper:1/2

Lettuce:1 cup


Kidney Beans boiled : 1 cup

Feta cheese: 1/2 -3/4 cup

For dressing:

Lemon juice :5 Tbsp

Olive oil: 6-8 Tbsp

Salt-To taste*

Pepper-to taste

Mustard sauce-1 Tbsp

Garlic minced-1-2 cloves

Oregano-1/2 Tsp

Italian seasoning-1/2 tsp


  1. In a bowl add all the ingredients for dressing and mix well using a whisk.
  2. Cut Bell peppers length wise and then cut in 2-3 long pieces
  3. Cut radish in to roundels and dice the cucumber.
  4. Chop lettuce leaves
  5. In a salad mixing bowl add all the ingredients for the salad except the feta cheese and half the dressing mix well with gentle hands.
  6. Adjust the dressing to taste and add 1/2 cup feta cheese and mix again very gently.
  7. Add the rest of the feta cheese on top for garnish and serve.

Note*: Feta cheese has a strong salty flavor so you might want to add a little less salt then your taste and adjust towards the end.

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