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Mocha Frappe_3

Mocha Frappe

It’s Summer!!!!! Yes its finally nice and sunny here and we can get out of our houses… I know this thought of getting out ….might be sounding strange. I am sure a lot of...

This 3 ingredient rich and smooth dessert will leave you licking the spoon

Instant Elaichi Shrikhand

Yes I know making Shrikhand needs hanging curd overnight and then processing it further. Well not if you are making it my way the instant Shrikhand, actually as you know for me long processes are not...

This traditional bihari combo will leave you  amazed with its simple flavors

Litti Chokha Recipe

This one has been in my to do list for at least a few months if not more. But finally when I tried the famous Bihari food, Litti Chokha this simple recipe left me...