Alsi Laddoo (Flax seeds laddoo)

Winter is here and so is the time for pinnis, ladoos, gajar halwa & moong dal halwa. The dry fruits the ghee and the other ingredients make them tasty and very healthy for winters. Alsi/ flax seeds being a major part makes it all the more nutritive.

A few words about Alsi/ flax seeds: this is another super healthy ingredient. In fact its the only source of omega 3 for vegetarians other than walnuts. To name a few benifits of Omega 3 ,its vital for growth of brain (specially during pregnancy), it helps cholesterol control, good for joints.

Hearty and healthy snack for winters.

Hearty and healthy snack for winters. Rich in Omega 3

The only thing I don’t like about the pinnis and panjeeris  is they are too high in calories, though I love the taste but am hesitant to have so much calories. Hence I have tried to keep the calories in check by dry roasting some ingredients, without compromising the taste. Also I have used sugar syrup instead of ghee to bind the ladoos .

Healthy, wholesome alsi laddoo . A must try this winter.

Healthy, wholesome Alsi/Flax seeds laddoo, Rich in Omega 3 . A must try this winter.

In case you are not interested in taking out time in shaping ladoos ( like me), you can just skip the laddoo making step. Instead  just mix powdered sugar in place of sugar syrup and that’s it your panjeeri is ready. I only make laddoos when I need to carry them along to work, for instance. Otherwise I am very happy with panjeeri in a bowl.

I normally complete this recipe in two days i.e roasting and deep frying in a day and mixing and laddoo making the other day. It just helps me get rid of the hard work feeling. Now time to get to the recipe.


Whole wheat flour (Atta)- 2.5 cups

Flax Seeds-1 cup

Char Gond -1/4 cup

Clarified butter (Ghee)- 1.5 cups

Sugar-2 cups (or to taste)

Water -1 cup

Green cardamom powder: 1.5 Tsp

Dry fruits (of your choice):

Almonds(Badam)-.5 cup

Melon Seeds (Char magaz )


1) Dry roast Atta in a pan till it turns brown on slow (patiently) flame stirring regularly.(You may use ghee here as well if you like).

2) Dry roast Alsi on medium flame till it start to splutter. Let it cool and coarsely grind in a mixer.

3) Heat 1.25 cups of ghee in a pan deep fry Almonds and melon seeds for a minute or till they are lightly golden and take them out in a plate.

4) When the ghee is medium hot add char gond in 2 batches and deep fry till it pops big. Do it patiently as the gond needs to cook well within.

5) Mash the fryed gond in a plate with the help of a bowl or rolling pin

6) Now in the left over ghee add the roasted alsi and fry for one more time just to add the flavour.

7) In a heavy bottomed pan add sugar and 1 cup water and let it boil till the 1 thread consistency is reached. (take a drop of the syrup between thumb and finger and when you  stick the fingers and apart it should form 1 thread )

8) Turn of the gas and mix well all the ingredients together  aslo add the remaining .25 cup of ghee and start binding the laddoos.

9) Ladoos need to be made before the mixture cools or else they wont bind well. In case the mixture cools before you are done you can re heat for a while.

10) In case the binding consistency is not reached add some more ghee to help binding.

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    […]   It's good people are starting to understand how valuable omega 3 is for our bodies. Even thou…s of fish are salmon, tuna, Halibut, sardines, scallops, shrimp, then there is soybeans, eggs, and tofu which all give you some amount of omega 3. Flax seeds top the list as providing both the highest percentage of omega 3 and the least calories per portion consumed. […]

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