Hi there welcome to PlumsnPeppers !

My name is  Aparna and I’m an electronics engineer by education, a software professional by experience and now a days a full time mom by god’s grace.

I live in Canada currently though I belong to India. I love to be with friends and family and spend some fun time. No prizes for guessing that I am a food lover.

 I am a vegetarian & eat plant based products along with milk products. I like to explore different vegetarian recipes. Being an Indian I love Indian Cuisine and Indian style of cooking, though the foodie in me keeps trying to search interesting food from the world cuisines and trying them. Sometimes I try to adapt recipes to make them vegetarian and egg less. I take pleasure in feeding people and love it when people compliment my food.

For me a recipe should be tasty yet simple, too much complication is a put off for me generally (till the time its just soo wooorthh it). I am a weight watcher my self and so is my husband plus I have a little one which makes it all the more important to ensure added nutrition. Thus I tend to incline towards the healthier options like natural ingredients, lesser fat, added nutritive value etc wherever possible (without making the food booorriiinnnggg). 

I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time (1.5 years to be precise), finally after fighting all the inertia of rest and boredom and pushing away all the silly reasons my mind keeps giving not to do this blog, here I am finally writing something. 

This blog  is an effort to present some tried recipes, mainly Indian vegetarian food, eggless bakes and some world cuisines as well, explore and share my love of food. I will use this opportunity to  try my hand on some food photography ( I want to put my new DSLR to some use). Hope you like it.


Aparna Dubey

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