5 steps to eating right and losing weight – The Rujuta diwekar way

Its new year guys it’s 2018, 2018 is finally here and I wish this year brings you all loads of joy, fun and awesome health. 

With every new year, we make the resolutions about eating healthy or staying fit, or losing those extra kilos, or fitting back to those old dresses, I am sure we have all thought about something of this sort.


BTW I am not planning to be a diet guru, neither do I want to show off my knowledge on the topic “Diet”. It’s just my way to say thank you, guys, with the hope it will help you all to keep up with that new year resolution.  I am sharing some info that I feel is very interesting, important and if you get it right,  you will never look at the food the same way. This is a humble effort to point to the information that’s available out there and actually serves the purpose of guiding the people instead of confusing them. 

Plus I need to compensate for all those missed posts, it has to be something good. After all, this is a food blog, eating right has to be a part of it and especially when it’s so easy yet so eye-opening. 

 This is the Gyan from India’s leading celebrity dietician and one of my favorite person Rujuta Diwekar. I love this lady for many reasons as you will find later in this post, however, the reason on the top of the list is, the fact that she tells the Indian woman to be bold and proud of herself and portrays the same. 

Almost 5 years ago I read one of her books “Don’t lose your mind lose your weight” and since then I am her fan,  in the book other than the basics of eating right and keeping fit, she :

  •  brings you back to the home cooked food and clarifies your fundas, if you get them right once you are sorted forever.
  • talks about loving your self and eating right.
  • tells you the fundamentals of Indian food and how it is tasty and equally nutritious at the same time.
  • suggests enjoying every food even the street food (in moderation) you eat and be thankful for it, instead of cribbing after eating the so-called junk

I also keep checking out her FB posts videos sometimes and love the fact that she talks about more than just diet and weight loss:

  • She talks about giving back to nature and being responsible
  • To look at food for the pranic value it has instead of only calories 

After reading this post you just get an overview of Rujuta Diwekar’s Ideas and I recommend following her for details. (BTW I am not getting paid for doing this 😉 )

Having said all this my biggest takeaway from her book and her talks /interviews is: loving yourself is important, don’t just think about weight and looking good think about your health. Following these points will not just make you look better, it will make you feel better and trust me that’s much more important.

So this is the Rujuta Diwekar’s way of eating right and still losing that extra weight, let’s check out the basics as far as I understood from her book : 

  1. Eat breakfast: Don’t skip your breakfast this is your brain food (give your kids this breakfast habit), it impacts your temper your ability to make decisions and remain sane the whole day. Not convincing enough?  well, check out this one-not having a good and early breakfast actually lowers your body’s sugar level and sends a signal that you are not getting enough calories to sustain, and thus your body starts lowering metabolism and storing fats. On the other hand, eating enough and early breakfast increases your metabolism/fat burning ability.  
  2. Eat every 2 hours: It means eating just enough to fill your tummy and then at regular intervals, no you don’t need to eat 6-8 meals a day.  Instead, make sure you are not overeating during your 3 major meals, Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and just snack in between these 3 meals. This eating at regular intervals increases your metabolism and thus keeps you fit. 
  3. Eat 3 hours before you sleep: She suggests eating your dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed, this ensures proper digestion and sound sleep. Also, your metabolisms slows down towards the end of the day, so the later you eat the more time it will take to break down.
  4. Drink enough water: I am sure we all know this, but how much is enough? Just as much to keep your pee colorless. Yes, that’s how she explains it, and don’t worry about those frequent trips to the washroom, they tend to settle down within a week or so once your body gets used to this extra water coming in every day. 
  5. Excercise: Ok so if you are overweight or have flab the above four steps can bring in amazing results already, but the reality is for a healthy and fit body we have to exercise. Rujuta suggests exercising at least 3-4 hours a week, 50-60 minutes in a day and this needs to be challenging, so walking in the park while talking with friends is not counted here.

So there you have it, friends this is what she says about eating right and loving yourself. I hope you find this info Interesting and give it a try. Please comment and let me know how you like this or any feedback you have for this post or any other.

I myself have tried this and it made me feel lighter I got rid of my headaches and puffy eyes along with 2 kgs of weight in 2 weeks or so, but honestly, I was more happy for the way I felt. So try it and love it, and if you do, don’t forget to comment and share.  Wish you all joy and health:).

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